In this post, we will share with you the latest version of Corvus OS Redmi Note 7/7S Android 11 Lavender. We all know that Corvus OS is a very smooth custom ROM that we can try on any android phone. We also it has the best gaming tweaks and Corvus os is Power Saving ROM. So, in this article, we discuss Corvus OS Redmi Note 7 Android 10, 11, 12 Lavender Latest Version.

Corvus OS Redmi Note 7 Android 10, 11, 12

We all know that Corvus OS is a very popular custom ROM. This Rom is used by thousands of people for ROM smoothness. This ROM is one of the best Redmi Note 7 custom ROM  for gaming. Corvus OS does not drain Bettary power. You will Enjoy using the Corvus OS. So, let us see SYSTEM Log and Kernel changes after that we will see how you can install the Corvus OS on your device.

Corvus OS is an AOSP based custom ROM inspired by Dirty Unicorn. If you don’t know about Dirty Unicorn, then let me tell you that it is one of those ROMs that focuses heavily on customization and is packed with great features. The focus of Corvus is to provide a feature-rich OS for your phone, but without compromising on stability. Currently, it is also the best custom ROM for gamers. This game provides driver preferences and also offers good battery optimization.


Changelogs of Corvus OS

– Security patch updated to Android-11.0.0_r48
– Redesigned AV for devices with audio/video issues and wide support
-ART and Bionic redesigned to improve optimization and benchmark performance
– Added full native ZygoteJustInTime (Perf) support
– Added EROFS support
– Added extensive F2FS support
– Iorap and LMKD updated
– Enabled Global ThinLTO (Perf)
– Updated SQLite
– Updated arm-optimized routines
– Changed to improved Jemalloc memory mapping
– Setup wizard disabled by default (caused FC non-stop for some users)
and many more tweaks and optimization

– Added the ability to adjust the opacity of the app drawer.
– Added app drawer background blur
– Added the ability to adjust the size of the app icon
– Added the ability to set the Google search bar to the bottom
– Added a switch to show free RAM in Recents
– Added ability to toggle home screen app dock background
– Removed bottom space from home screen app dock
– Redesigned recent view action buttons
– Nuked Reticker (Causes SystemUI reset)
– New implementation of brightness slider style
– Added A12 style and custom brightness slider style along with default style
– Added color coded battery level indication (does not work with vertical style)
– Added QS Tile to activate Corvus ZenMode
– Fixed long press QS tile close force for CPU info and FPS info tile
– Added intent to launch Doze settings on AOD Tile long click
– Added the ability to record longer videos (Screen Recorder)
– Added the ability to set low quality on screen recording.
– Added flashing dot overlay to stop recording
– Added 5 varieties of QS Tile tint style
– Added ability to randomize Raven Themes system accent color
– Added the ability to control the QS panel and transparency of notifications.
– Made improvements to QS Panel media player

– Reimplemented settings list bouncing animation
– Added a new game mode in RavenLair->Miscellaneous->Game Mode
– Removed overused Lottie animations setting.
– RavenLair mini redesign
– Nuked full screen cutout (didn’t work)
– Implemented Notch Killer overlay in display settings to extend apps beyond the notch
– Added ability to disable keyboard bottom space from Settings->System->Gestures->System Navigation->IME button space
– Added toggle for high touch sensitivity in display settings
– Added seek bar for QS panel notification and transparency

– Made improvements to the Gaming Mode QS Tiles style UI
– Added the ability to view RAM usage within the Game Mode overlay
– Redesigned clock and date style and battery level in the game mode overlay
– Slight changes to performance seekbar

New devices:
Tissot (Mi A1)
Miatoll (Redmi Note 9 Pro/9s/Max/PocoM2Pro)

Downed Devices:
Apollo (Mi 10T)
Gram (Little M2 Pro)
RMX2001 (Realme 6/6i/6s)

There has been a long delay in bringing you the update, while we are busy with our lives right now, we are still thriving to keep this going and anyone who chooses to be patient has our greatest gratitude. You have already seen the teasers in the Updates channel,

NOTE: This may or may not be the last update for A11. If we find that A12 isn’t stable enough yet, we might keep polishing A11 for as long as it takes!
Due to technical issues we unfortunately have to move the new RavenDesk to Android 12 and the current A11 Raven Desk is deprecated.

Device Changelog Redmi Note 7

lavender:init:Add script for exTHmUI GameMode performance control
lavender: product.prop: add gboard props
lavender: disable kpti
lavender: init – use more generic values ​​for GameMode
lavender: overlay-lineage: enable call recording
lavender – add battery LED overlays
lavender: disable config_multiColorBatteryLed
address overlay directory
Lavender – Adjust QS tile rows and columns
lavender:configs:Update whitelist for HotwordEnrollment
Lavender:Uprev camera.provider to 2.6
lavender: Add permission for Google Photos
Add another strut for the rounded corner
Lavender: Remove the HAL interface from the vibrator
lavender: vibrator: Enable LED-based vibrator
lavender: vibrator – add setting to exclude haptic devices from input
Changed to haptic qti
lavender: overlay – defines the proper content padding
clean some stains
lavender: powerhint – reduce the default GPU idle timer to 70ms
lavender: powerhint: increase TAStuneboost to 10 for interaction
lavender: Tune powerhint
lavender: update lavender blobs
lavender: remove trust restrictions from trust zone
lavender: Remove console parameters
lavender: remove USE_XML_AUDIO_POLICY_CONF
lavender: stop building android.hardware.broadcastradio HIDL impl
lavender: libhidl: Move to Android.bp
lavender: Remove vndk-ext
lavender:libshims:Move to Android.bp
lavender: update redfin build fingerprint
lavender: Remove ESE power management blobs
lavender: clean some non-existent and non-essential services
lavender: Drop Qualcomm WFD
Version v16.8 core 4.4 (21-08-2021)
Added Vilte Support
Clarifies the Xiaomi part.
Hack added for unlimited photo backup to Google Photos.
Lavender: Overlay: Sets the fast charge indicator threshold to 10.8W
lavender: overlay: add maximum visible notification icons overlay
Lavender – Shows “Turbo Charge” instead of “Fast Charge”
lavender: overlay: Force show network traffic in the status bar
lavender: overlay: disable UI touch sounds by default
lavender: overlay: disable wallpaper zoom
lavender: properly set all corvus related overlays
Lavender: Force triple frame buffers
lavender: wlan: Relax WiFi RSSI reassociation
lavender – add an overlay to mask the notch
Lavender – add the Notch Bar Killer overlay
lavender: upgrade coral building fingerprint
CTS pass without magic
Add support for 240FPS 1/8 slow motion
Fixed offline loading animation.
L1 working at full capacity.
Limit screen recorder frame rate to 60fps
Version v16.7 kernel 4.4 (31-07-2021)
Initial release of Android 11
SELinux status: compliance + user
Version 15.0 core 4.19 (03-26-2021)
Add Gboard in Vanilla build
Add XiaomiParts, XiaomiDoze and Dirac to the white list
Add support for 240FPS 1/8 slow motion
Disable WLAN firmware logs
enable iorapd
Enter ‘SafailNet’
Improve RAM management
Switch to Pixel AIDL Power HAL
Switch to AOSP Surfaceflinger
Use clang 12.0.3
Update qti-telephony-common from nubia
Update GPS from LA.UM.9.1.r1-06700-SMxxx0.0
Update rootdir from LA.UM.9.2.1.r1-06000-sdm660.0
Update media codecs from LA.UM.9.2.1.r1-06000-sdm660.0
Update wifi settings from LA.UM.9.2.1.r1-06000-sdm660.0
Update fingerprint to Redfin – RQ2A.210305.006 (cts approved without magisk)
Update Mystic Kernel to R2.6 4.19.182
permissive construction
Fix Hostpot
Xiaomi Parts:
Update XiaomiParts to version 5.0
Drop Game turbo and Spectrum (all those settings don’t work well on SDM660 and caused poor performance).
The main menu has been organized so that the order of the settings is fresher.
Add XiaomiDoze and Tile launcher
Add dynamic thermal profile implementation
Updated some icons
Increase the BootReceiver priority (settings will be restored faster at startup).
Smart load: nodes reload_enabled (input_suspend was not working well)
Thanks @Golpiista, for the tests!
Thanks @okta10 for the core!
Notes for 4.19:
FDE compilation
USE Ofox Ultimate
installation standard equal to 4.4
format data is needed of course
Version 15.0 kernel 4.4 (03-26-2021)
Add Xiaomi Parts, Xiaomi.

Features of Corvus OS

Here’s a list of some features that Corvus OS provide out of the box for us:

Theme, icons, button customizations
care options, edge lighting
Show status bar on lock screen
Disable QS when locked
Lock screen album art filter
Media Artwork Blur Level
DT2 sleep
Battery customization
aggressive battery
ambient display
Pick up to check the phone
hand wave pulse
Pocket notifications on deletion
Brightness Options in Ambient
Background music marker
Ambient wake up gestures
screen colors
Game controller preferences
And many other cool improvements.

Install Corvus OS on Redmi Note 7

So, do those steps carefully to install the Corvus os on your phone perfectly without breaking your phone. Read the steps carefully for the perfect installation of Corvus os.

  1. Reboot your phone to recovery and click Wipe > Advanced Wipe. Then select System, Data, Cache, Dalvik cache partition and wipe it.
  2. Connect your phone to PC and copy the Corvus OS installation zip file to your phone.
  3. Click Install.
  4. Select the Corvus OS zip file.
  5. Swipe to confirm Flash
  6. Wait for the flashing process to complete.

  7. Wipe Cache/Dalvik.

  8. Reboot to system.



So, we have shared with you Corvus OS Redmi Note 7 with the full installing gide. I hope this post has helpfully to you.  If you have confusion sure Ask us in the comment section and we will try to fix your problem.

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